Illusion Eyewear

The Illusion signature collection is a fusion of artist design with mathematical precision and accuracy.



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Illusion Lenses

The illusions unique colour application makes the lens the focus of the glasses. The way the colour penetrates the lens keeps the eyewear totally clear yet a pulse of colour refracts from different directions. This new technique (based on optical refraction theory) is a revolutionary innovation in eyewear design. People wearing the eyewear are oblivious of the colour, yet people around them are puzzled by the electric pulse of colour piercing through. The colour can be changed at any time or a combination of different colours can be applied at any time (i.e footy colours, special occasions or just whenever you feel like a change). The correct material is an essential component of prescription lenses. It plays a vital role in providing the correct function and serves as a platform for the application of one or more coatings.

The application of coatings to the lens is effective in a number of ways:

  • 01 refracting the colour
  • 02 protection against scratches
  • 03 protection against reflections and smudges
  • 04 easy maintenance
  • 05 comfort of vision
  • 06 protection for the eyes
  • 07 reduction of visual fatigue


Illusion Frames

Illusion frames are constructed of a leading material in a modern frame design, setting a new standard in eyewear. Frames are extremely light and flexible.



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